Operating as a division of Brown-McKee, Inc. since 2002, Precision Drilling utilizes three types of foundation drilling rigs capable of drilling both straight shafts as well as belled piers.

The Texoma 330, Texoma 600, and a Spiradrill MHD 90 rig provide the capability of standard drilling from 9 inch to 90 inch diameters in depths up to 90 feet. Specialized drilling in some combinations and soil conditions can be achieved with hole diameters up to 13′ and depths to 90 feet.

We provide turn-key services for all drilled pier shafts, including concrete, formwork, rebar, and anchor bolts. Precision Drilling also performs non-destructive Hydrovac Excavation. We also offer concrete coring services for horizontal and vertical penetrations up to 16” in diameter.

For more information please contact the following:

Jeremy Duhon
Division Manager

Mike P. Oles

Precision Drilling
a Division of BMI
P.O. Box 3279
Lubbock, TX 79452-3279
Office: 806-744-8623
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